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Technology-Based Model Drawing

It’s yet another great technology find!!  I was just in a training for model drawing, and I was reminded of a GREAT website for learning and teaching model drawing.  If you haven’t checked out Thinking Blocks, you will definitely want to.  One of the great features is the Watch Video component.  It’s like having your own model-drawing tutor, so if you are a little foggy on how to draw models, it’s for you!  One note, while you can choose the range of numbers you want to use, the smallest range is 0-50 so it might not be a good fit for Kinder or 1st Grade.  Get in there and play around with it!




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  1. Donna, thanks so much for sharing this! It’s awesome and I know that it would be particularly terrific with an interactive whiteboard. I don’t currently have a math class, but if I did, I would model it on the white board and set it up to be used in math centers. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Yes, Laura, you are SO right about using this with an interactive white board! I know some of our teachers are doing that. Still looking forward to the day when we have interactive white boards in every classroom. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much! I haven’t been completely trained in the Singapore method, and struggle with my own math reasoning. The thinking block site will help my teaching.

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