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A Better Use for Flashcards

It’s the end of the year, and I’ve been out helping the grade levels with their math materials inventory. One thing I ran across in a couple of the planning rooms was flashcards. In the scheme of all things CRA, flashcards are totally abstract. They do not foster an understanding of the facts presented. So how do you use the flashcards for more effective learning? Take it back to the concrete and representational stages. I created two little recording sheets you could use in workstations–one for addition facts and another for multiplication. Students choose a flashcard, use counters to model it, and then draw a representation of the fact. Easy peasy!! The more you start to think in the CRA framework, the more natural activities like this will come to you.

Click here for addition and here for multiplication.

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    1. You’re welcome, Amy! I just hate to see materials go to waste, so I wanted to find a good use for the flashcards.


  1. Donna-

    We love your site. You have some awesome ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    Mary Manaher
    Professional Tutoring Services

  2. Thank you! Our AC had given us flash cards last year, but we were not sure how to fit them into a center. These sheets are perfect. Students can use them as a template for their math journals.

  3. love this! I’m going to use when teaching arrays or during math enrichment. My thoughts are to use bingo markers…if they’re not to big for the dots. Thanks

  4. I love this idea! It is a great way to extend the use of flashcards! Thank you!! On your multiplication worksheet your picture, however, does not match your multiplication problem. Your picture shows 5×3 not 3×5. The first number is how many groups there are and the second number shows how many are in those groups. This is a common core standard that is now being taught and stressed in our math classes. Thank you again! I love this idea and plan on using it.

  5. I’m always searching for ways to involve family learning. This is a great resource to help parents understand just what we want their kinder-bears to understand and why just flashing the cards isn’t the only way to learn those basic facts. Thank you!

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