Ready for some summer math fun?  Shake and Spill is such an easy little game, and you can adapt it for any season or holiday.  It may be easy, but it’s GREAT math!  Differentiate the activity by choosing a target number appropriate for each student.  Kinder babies can use 5 counters to practice combinations for 5, while first graders can use more counters.  First or second graders could write the entire fact family for their spill.  So simple!

I might be AWOL from bloggyland for a few days.  My son is graduating from high school on Friday night, and I’ve got family coming in town tomorrow.  Notice I said might, because my blog has a pretty strong hold over me.  Ha ha.  I could possibly be sneaking in to blog after everyone goes to bed.  If there’s no new posts for a couple of days, I hope you’ll go back and reread some of my older posts and leave a comment or two.  🙂

Oh, click here to grab your free Shake and Spill.

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