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New Twist on Number of the Day

Out into classrooms again today! This time I landed in the 2nd-grade classroom of Doug Bremmer. Incredible teacher! I really loved how he did Number of the Day. The number of the day was 104. There was a small group of kids sitting on the floor in front of the hundred chart busily working away. He gave them a countdown to wrap up their work (amazing classroom management skills), and then he called on a few kiddos to share their versions of 104. As the first student told him her number sentence, Mr. Bremmer wrote it on an index card on the document camera (see the picture). After she finished her number sentence, Mr. Bremmer asked her how she was going to prove it. She popped up out of her desk and headed up to the hundred chart. As Mr. Bremmer read her number sentence, she moved her finger around the hundred chart. When she ended up on 104, the class clapped for her. Mr. Bremmer continued with 5 other children. Check out the last student’s number sentence! A perfect self-differentiating activity.


In honor of Mr. B, I’ve created a little 120 Chart freebie for you! Click here to grab yours.

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    1. I can see the 120 Chart and the freebies as a great little workstation. Laminate them all, and the kids can use markers.

      1. I assume you would begin showing how the 120 chart “works” and having them create and fill in numbers on the chart? Then small
        Numbers, then these number strings ?


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