So here’s an item that popped up on our state assessment a couple of years ago:

OMGosh, what fits the kiddos had with this one statewide.  Here’s an easy little activity you can do to practice ordering numbers in a format like this.

Click here to grab the work mat shown below.  If you take standard 3 x 5 index cards and cut them in half, they fit perfectly in the mat.  Small sticky notes also work well.

Make cards or sticky notes with six different numbers fairly close in range.  I like to make them going over a hundred or thousand.  Put two of the numbers on the mat and place the other four below the mat.  In the example, I used two different sticky note colors.  If I were putting this in a workstation, I would probably use two different color index cards cut in half.  The task is to decide which number can go in place of the ?, and the strategy is to put the numbers in order, creating a number line.  You can easily adapt this activity for smaller or larger numbers.

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