To 100…and Beyond!!

Written by Donna Boucher

Donna has been a teacher, math instructional coach, interventionist, and curriculum coordinator. A frequent speaker at state and national conferences, she shares her love for math with a worldwide audience through her website, Math Coach’s Corner. Donna is also the co-author of Guided Math Workshop.

The hundred is chart is no doubt a valuable tool, but do your kiddos know that the same patterns apply to bigger numbers?  This product features lovable monsters and hundred charts showing numbers up to 1,000.  There are lots of uses for small group instruction, workstations, and independent work.  Click here to check it out at my TpT store.  Be sure to download the preview to read the suggested uses.


  1. Alison Hislop

    Exactly! We have to report to a section called “Working Mathematically” and as part of this, it is understanding place value and applying this knowledge to big numbers! I love this kit, very cute!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    • Donna Boucher

      Thanks, Alison! Love your new blog design. 🙂

  2. Shannon Piles

    I’ve been following your blog for a few months now, and I just LOVE it! You remind me so much of my very favorite math intervention teacher. You’ve got wonderful ideas and strategies. Thanks for all the tips!
    If My Calculations Are Correct

    • Donna Boucher

      Thanks, Shannon. I just hopped over and I’m following you now, too. 🙂

  3. Amy B

    This is such a cute activity and great idea!!!

    • Donna Boucher

      Thanks, Amy!! I love the goofy monsters. 🙂

  4. Rhiannon Jolliff

    I have been following you since I started blogging last month, and everyday I look forward to a new idea from you! I recently received my MAE in reading with a Reading Specialist Certificate, but really want to expand my mathematical repertoire as well! Your blog is perfect for helping with with my goal! Thank you for sharing all of your ideas. I hope my blog can one day be as helpful as yours!!!

    Sliding Into First

    • Donna Boucher

      What a sweet compliment! Thanks so much, Rhiannon. 🙂


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