Combine one of my favorite educators (the Teacher Tipster) with one of my favorite topics (subitizing), throw in some engaging technology, and I’m 100% sold!  The Tipster’s new app, The Subitize Tree, is for the iPad only and costs a whopping $0.99.  Money well spent, trust me!

The app features eye-catching graphics and catchy audio that will make you feel like you’re in a Japanese tea garden.  It’s a refreshing change from some of the overstimulating apps available.  Take a look at this quick video, and then scroll down for some of my favorite features.

This app does one thing and does it really well–it provides subitizing practice using a variety of representations.  The settings are easy to use and can be changed while playing a game without starting over.

Representations include dominoes, dice, rekenreks, ten-frames, two-color counters, fingers on hands, playing cards, and random pictures of objects.  Players can choose a specific representation to practice, for example just the ten-frames, or they can change the setting to randomly display different representations.

Difficulty settings of Easy, Medium, and Hard can be used to vary the amount of time each image is flashed.

There is a gentle game component to the app as players try to correctly subitize to free captive animals.  One animal is freed for every four correct problems.  Incorrect responses are addressed by simply showing what the correct response should have been.  This is just right for the age group that will be using this app.

This would be a great app to use whole class with an the interactive white board and iPad connection.  I gave it a test run with a group of 2nd graders, and it earned a big thumbs up!  I’m looking forward to more apps from the Tipster.

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