Summer learning is so critical, especially for students who are already struggling.  I’ve been working with a peer tutoring group this year (5th graders tutoring 3rd graders), and I wanted to give them a gift for completing the program.  I bought each of the students a deck of cards, and my idea was to create a booklet to give them containing instructions for easy math games they could play using the cards.  In scouring the Internet for ideas, I came across the website of an organization called the Positive Engagement Project (PEP).  It’s a nonprofit organization whose mission is “To get students positively engaged in active learning, while getting ourselves and others positively engaged with schools and communities.”

On their website, they have a downloadable booklet called Acing Math.  It is 69 pages of games, for grades K though 6, that can be played with a standard deck of cards. It’s an amazing resource.

I still had the booklet idea in my head, and I wanted to choose games that would be appropriate for 3rd through 5th graders, so I reformatted a selection of games from their e-book and made them into a booklet format.  Of course I included a credit and link to their website.  You can download my booklet format here.  You’ll need to copy it double-sided and then fold and staple it.  Be sure to visit PEP’s website for other great resources and spread the word!

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