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Written by Donna Boucher

Donna has been a teacher, math instructional coach, interventionist, and curriculum coordinator. A frequent speaker at state and national conferences, she shares her love for math with a worldwide audience through her website, Math Coach’s Corner. Donna is also the co-author of Guided Math Workshop.

I made the bi-weekly graph for my 3rd/5th grade peer tutoring program today, and of course it involves Thanksgiving.  I’m trying to gradually increase the complexity of the graphs, so this one is another double bar graph, but I made the increments on the scale even numbers only.  It’s important that they learn to read between the lines, so to speak.  It also offers four choices, rather than just the three I’ve had on previous graphs.

So I found out something new about SMART Notebook today.  Did you know that you can convert both Word documents and PDF files to SMART Notebook files?  I’m assuming you have to have the SMART Notebook software on your machine for this to work.  From within the Word or PDF file, choose the Print option.  On the menu of printers, you’ll see SMART Notebook Document Writer.   Just choose it and hit Print. You’ll get a dialog box giving you two save options–non-editable and editable.  I tried both, and found the non-editable to look best.

Grab either the PDF or SMART Notebook version.  Leave a comment telling us how you would vote!!  I’m a pie person myself.  Pumpkin pie!


  1. Chaya Phillips

    Pumpkin Pie of course!

    • Donna Boucher

      Yum! With LOTS of Cool Whip!

  2. asugrad96

    Mashed Potatoes all the way!

    • Donna Boucher

      And gravy!! :))

  3. Anonymous

    I had no idea about the PDF/Word doc thing!! THANKS!

    • Donna Boucher

      Cool, right? I love learning/figuring out new little technology tips!

  4. TheElementary MathManiac

    Love the idea of converting word documents to SMART board files. Thanks for sharing! I think my vote would have to go for stuffing!

    The Math Maniac


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