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Video for Counting Back from 20–Shake Your Groove Thing!

I’m hanging out in one of my Kinder classes, and I’m having a blast! Check out this great video from Have Fun Teaching for counting back from 20. They have lots of other videos, too, so be sure to check out their YouTube channel. You should have seen me shaking my groove thing along with all the Kinder babies. After ‘doing’ the video, we played a fun round of Count Around the Circle counting back from 20 to 0. Each time around, the student who said 0 had to sit down until we were left with just one student standing! Great fun and excellent practice.

counting back from 20


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  1. oh, I always get in trouble when I read your posts late at night…just one or two and then I am clicking all over the place…expanding my mathmind while NOT going to sleep!!!! Thank you ever so much for your awesome postings and links! You have enriched my teaching and impacted my kinders! God bless you – I hope you are warm and well!!!!!

    1. I got a good chuckle out of this comment! Thanks so much, and I’m glad you find my resources useful. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. LOVE Count Around the Circle! I like that each child responds individually, rather than chorally as a whole group. It really keeps them engaged and is a great formative assessment.

  2. I have been using You Tube videos (especially ones the kids can move to) a LOT this winter. I have been blogging about some of my favorites and this one is definitely one to add to my list. Thanks for sharing!

    The Math Maniac

  3. I always like incorporating movement in my interventions and saw a huge impact with my virtual groups. We will definitely be dancing to this one!

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