Too Much Glue

As you are planning for the fall (I know, some of you are still in school…), I’m sure you’re giving thought to how you will launch your math journals.  As we all know, one of the challenges of using an interactive math journal is…GLUE!  I recently came across an adorable picture book, Too Much Glue, by Jason Lefebvre, that would be a perfect read aloud to introduce a lesson on journal management, aka Gluing 101. 

I adore the illustrations by newcomer Zac Retz, and the read aloud friendly text (Geronimo!  SNAP!  CREAK!) makes this an engaging page-turner.  I’m sure we can all relate when Matty’s art teacher cautions the class “glue raindrops, not puddles!”  This will definitely be a book that becomes a beloved part of your back-to-school routine.

Related to this book, I saw the perfect pin on Pinterest, and I just couldn’t resist making a printable out of it! They print two to a page, so they’re just the right size for gluing on a page in the math journal.

Perfect for a gluing lesson for math notebooks! 

Grab a copy by clicking here.

Many teachers use student math journals to document the work students do in math workstations as an alternative to worksheets. My Workstation Activity Cards include instructions for students to record their thinking in their math journals.

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