Making 100, A Fall Themed Freebie - Math Coach's Corner

Last year, I posted a little fall-themed freebie in my TpT store called Closest to 100.  The idea of the game is to find the difference between a number and 100.  For example, the difference between 53 and 100 is 47.  The player with the smaller difference wins the round. A themed hundred chart is included to support student learning.

Making 100 is nearly as important a skill as making 10, and the two skills are clearly related.  You might want to check out this blog post for a nifty little Van de Walle activity using ten frames to find parts of 100.  Think, for example, of finding the difference between 53 and 100.  Mentally, you probably look at the ones place, see a 3 and know that you need 7 to make a 10, so in trying to make 100, you’re actually relying on what you know about making 10.  The big mistake students make (and adults, too!), of course, is to think that the difference between 53 and 100 is 57, not 47.

If you downloaded this little game last year, you might want to download the newest version.  The instructions were a little confusing, and I simplified them some.  Grab it here.

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