Earlier this week, one of my amazing 2nd grade teachers emailed to ask if I had small hundred charts extending out to 1,200 that her students could use to make personal 1,200 charts.  She’d made these with her students at a previous school and wanted her kiddos to have this nifty tool as they work with increasingly larger numbers.

1,200 charts

I created a little file for her with four hundred charts to a page, all the way up to 1,200.  Each chart has a little tab at the top so students can glue them together into one long strip, which is then glued into their math journals.  Her team loved the idea and wondered if the small charts could be different colors, so the students could easily see each grouping of 100.  I rearranged the charts so each page could be printed on a different color paper. Voila!  Mission accomplished!

Thanks to Mrs. Anderson and her class for sharing both their pics and their enthusiasm for math with me!!  Grab the file to make your own charts by clicking here.

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