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Holiday Math Freebie

The holidays are upon us, and that can mean hectic times! Check out these tips for destressing the holidays and grab a holiday-themed freebie!

Stocking Stuffer #1–Giving Back Idea

Who are the hardest working people in a school building? If you said the custodians and cafeteria workers, I’d probably agree! Last year, we started a wonderful tradition at our school. Each staff member picked up a few extra holiday groceries during our weekly shopping trip, and we assembled baskets of food for our custodians and cafeteria staff. The administration chipped in a ham for each basket, and we presented the baskets at our holiday luncheon. They were overwhelmed! Try this on a small scale. I work breakfast duty in the cafeteria, and every year I like to bake the ladies in the cafeteria a treat!

Stocking Stuffer #2–Holiday Math Tip

Face it, there is almost no way to keep a normal schedule during the last couple of weeks before the Winter break. Be prepared for those crazy schedules with a few easy go-to math games that you can pull out at a moment’s notice. I like these games for practicing addition and multiplication facts. Laminate them, and all you need is a wipe-off marker for 10 minutes of engaging math fun! Click here to grab yours.

My special gift to you this holiday season is a special version of my themed number cards. ย This set ranges from 1-20 and includes cards showing numerals, number words, and a ten-frame representation. Here are some ideas for using them:

  • Have students choose a number word or ten-frame card and write the corresponding numeral
  • Students can play War with the cards
  • Students play a Memory game either matching different representations or matching cards that make a 10
  • Have students randomly choose 4 numeral cards and put them in order
  • Students choose a numeral card and use counters to show the number
  • Students draw two numeral cards and write an addition or subtraction story using the numbers

I’m sure you can think of lots more uses for these cards! ย Click here to grab your set.

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  1. I love the Engaging Fact Practice idea for multiplication. I’ve played that game with my 6th graders with a board that has the numbers in order, but I like how the numbers are random on this board!

  2. Since I do NOT have a math brain, I LOVE everything you do! I teach 2nd grade. I’m wondering, how to incorporate a spiral review and if you have any recommendations for what to use, and how to start it! Thanks!

    1. There are lots of versions of spiraling review. You have to pick one that works with your curriculum and within your time constraints. Most are published products, either commercially or you might try Teachers Pay Teachers.

  3. I have subscribed to your blog because of all the great information you share. However, when I try to access any of the information I am blocked because I don’t have permission. Help?

    1. Do you mean when you try to download from Google docs? All the documents I post are viewable by anyone with the link. Maybe you could give a little more information about the error message you’re getting?

    1. I just checked the link in an incognito window, and it seems to be okay. Maybe close your browser, reopen it, and try again?

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