I am working with a handful of kindergartners who still don’t recognize numbers to 20. They can count to 20, but if you ask them to point to 15 on the number line they have to count from 0, and they cant recognize 15 shown on a card, for example. I wanted to take advantage of my newly installed SMART board, so I went looking for interactive activities for number recognition.  Here are a few I found.

  • Connect the Dots 1-20, ABCya.com Players practice counting numbers as they connect the dots to make a picture. The program says the numbers out loud as children click on the number and gives hints are three incorrect attempts.

Connect the Dots

  • 11-20 Cloud Catcher, education.com Numbers from 11 to 20 float slowly down on clouds and a voice tells players which number to choose.  If a player chooses the correct number, a rainbow appears.  If an incorrect number is chosen, watch out for rain! Also check out Speed Counting 11-20 and Numbers 11-20 Balloon Pop, also by education.com. Note: There is a weekly free limit for games. Unlimited play requires a paid subscription

Cloud Catcher


  • Balloon Pop Math, Count to 20, Sheppard Software Players put the numbers in order as they pop floating balloons. A gentle oops, indicates the wrong balloon has been chosen.

Balloon Pop


  • Number Rows 11-20, Cyberkidz Players find the missing number and the monkeys go wild! The wrong number pops back out.

Number Rows 11-20


If you know of other good ones, please add them in the comments!

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