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It’s not uncommon for children to be able to count to 20, but not recognize the numerals. They can easily verbally count to 20 and even beyond, but if you ask them to point to 15 on the number line they have to count from 0, and they can’t recognize 15 shown on a card. Here are a few free online resources you can use to shore them up! Use them on your interactive whiteboard for engaging whole-group practice.

  • Connect the Dots 1-20, Players practice counting numbers as they connect the dots to make a picture. The program says the numbers out loud as children click on the number and gives hints are three incorrect attempts.

Connect the Dots

  • 11-20 Cloud Catcher, Numbers from 11 to 20 float slowly down on clouds and a voice tells players which number to choose.  If a player chooses the correct number, a rainbow appears.  If an incorrect number is chosen, watch out for rain! Also check out Speed Counting 11-20 and Numbers 11-20 Balloon Pop, also by Note: There is a weekly free limit for games. Unlimited play requires a paid subscription

Cloud Catcher

  • Number Bingo, This game gives you lots of options. You can choose the magnitude of numbers to use as well as the size of the grid. A voice prompts the child to choose a number. Engaging graphics and sound.

  • Count with Allie, PBS Kids This is really an interactive book showing the numbers to 20. Allie reads the book aloud and closed captioning is available.

If you know of other good ones, please add them in the comments!

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