Year End Math Memories–The Important Book

The Important Book*, by Margaret Wise Brown, has long been a favorite of mine. Each page features a poem about an ordinary item, and the poems follow a set format. The structure makes it easy for students to write their own Important poems. I have used this book to have students write poems in nearly all content areas, but one of my favorite uses is to create a year-end book of math memories. Each student writes a poem about their most memorable topic in math and creates a page in the book. Bind it when it’s done, and you have a wonderful memory book you’ll treasure for years to come. It also becomes a great resource for future classes to read because of all the great math it contains!

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The poems are easy enough to create by just giving the students the format and blank paper, but if you’d like a cute cover and bordered paper, grab my The Important Thing About Math Year-End Poetry Bookย unit.

Important Poem 4

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