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If you are looking for a way to cook up some math fun and engage students in learning, look no farther than the Pancake Menu Book. This creative idea was developed by Lucy Ravitch, a super-talented member of my online professional learning community. She used a Kickstarter campaign to get funding for the book, and since its publishing, she’s been featured on Good Morning America as well as several other morning news programs.

The book is a work of art, with whimsical drawings showing a variety of pancakes that are for sale and poetic descriptions for each pancake. It’s a hardback book and very sturdy, so it will hold up to lots of playtime as kids use it over and over. There is a basic pancake recipe and directions for creating each type of pancake shown in the book. If you want to really bump up the learning (and engagement), let kiddos actually make the pancakes! Think of the mathematical discussions about cost of goods and measurement–talk about real-life math. Download the order forms and money templates from the Kids Menu Books website, or use play money. You can also purchase fun accessories, like an apron, spatula, or money play pack, on the website’s store.

Our librarian has set up a makerspace in the morning before school starts, and I thought it would be the perfect setting to test drive the book with some students. Not long after I set up shop and began “selling” my pancakes, three 5th graders wandered over to check it out. They were immediately drawn in by the book and sat down to play. I brought play money for them to use and gave them each $5 allowance to buy their pancakes. They set about shopping and writing up their order forms. It was really neat to see them so engaged, and what better way to capture that engagement than with a video? I thought they did a great job of explaining their purchases.

So exciting to see the kiddos that engaged in math!

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