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What could be better than combining art and math? I have always loved doing tessellations with my students, so how cool is it that now there is a children’s book featuring this beautiful and unique art form? I hope you enjoy this guest post by Emily Grosvenor!

I wrote Tessalation!, my children’s picture book about a little girl who hides in the tessellations of her backyard, with children’s creativity in mind. My hope was that the book would be a launching pad for a discussion of patterns – noticing them, identifying them, making them yourself.

Today, on Math Coach’s Corner, I’d like to share with you the tessellation tutorial from the book, which you are welcome to print out and use with your pupils.

What is a tessellation?

A tessellation is an interlocking tiled mosaic pattern where one shape repeats itself over and over again into infinity.

Where can you find them?

Chain linked fences, that Target cart you pushed last week, a tiled floor you stood on recently – tessellations are everywhere! Here’s one from my living room floor.

They also exist in nature. The beehive is an excellent example of a tessellation found in nature. The repeated hexagon pattern made by bees is an easy-to-identify tessellation. For older kids: Have you played Settlers of Catan? The game board for Settlers is a tessellation!

Tessellation Tutorial

Here is a simple tutorial from my book on how to make your own tessellation from a square. The other regular polygons that tessellate are triangles and hexagons.

Coloring pages

Tessellations are fun and relaxing to color. Here are a few made directly from the images in my book.


To download the coloring pages as a PDF click below.





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Emily Grosvenor is a magazine writer based in Oregon. You can follow her on Twitter @emilygrosvenor and read more of her work here. Tessalation! is her first children’s book.

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