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Math Activities for At-Home Learning

As many of us find ourselves in the position to provide distance math learning opportunities for our students, online resources can be a tremendous help. Unfortunately, a large number of our students do not have access to technology at home and, even for those who do, we want to provide a balance of online and hands-on experiences. Here are some suggestions and resources that I hope you find helpful.

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Make Math a Game

Two of my most popular posts of all time are the ones sharing these two downloadable booklets–one for games with dice and the other for games with cards. Click here for the dice booklet and here for the cards booklet. Print them out, provide students with a deck of cards and a pair of dice, and you’re on your way. Scroll down for many other activities that can be easily done at home.

Each of the pictures below is linked to the blog post where you can read more about the activity and download the resource, if applicable.ย 

While we’re on the subject of cards, check out these free activities/games that can also be played with cards:

And here are links to free activities/games that can also be played with dice:

Here are some “number of the day” activities that can be used throughout the time students are at home by assigning different numbers.

These games using a blank hundred chart are engaging and addictive!

Print these gameboards once and kiddos can reuse them over and over to practice their facts.

Parents and kids can connect over the math in their lives with this activity.

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  1. Could you please share the best sites to download interactive manipulatives. I bought but can not download for National Library for Virtual Manipulatives but it is not working with Mac. Some of the manipulatives I need to be able to use is and interactive 100 or 120 chart, and interactive place value pieces to instruct with the addition of 2 digits with single digit, 2 digits with decades, and 2 digits with a double digits. I need to be able to use this elearning for my students.

  2. Thank you for so many resources for parents to use during this difficult time! I love all of these fun yet very simple ways!

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