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The holiday season is approaching and I am again humbled and appreciative of the love and support of Math Coach’s Corner followers! Your comments inspire and encourage me, lift my spirits on a down day, and totally validate my faith in the great teaching that is going on in classrooms around the world! I have met such wonderful people through this little blog, and it has grown beyond my wildest dreams! As my way of saying thank you, I offer you this holiday-themed freebie for equivalent fractions.

My 5th-grade teachers and I were reviewing last year’s released STAAR test (our Texas state test) in preparation for our fractions unit, and we felt that the wording used might have thrown the kiddos off a little. I wanted to make an activity that would familiarize the students with various representations for fractions.

The game features four different representations for fractions:

    • Pictorial
    • Symbols
    • “Out of a total of _______ parts, ________ are shaded”
    • “_______ of the _______ parts are shaded”

What are you waiting for?  Head over to my TpT store and grab your holiday freebie! 🙂

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