Shuffle those digital cards! - Math Coach's Corner

I love math games! Part of the advantage of games over worksheets is that they are repeatable. Whether using dice, cards, or a spinner, the problems are randomized, so each time the game is played it’s a little different. While creating digital versions of many of my resources, the ability to “shuffle” and randomize the cards used for a game has eluded me. Until now! I just added a digital version of my Equivalent Fractions Capture 4 freebie, which is played with a deck of cards showing various representations for fractions. After figuring out how to “shuffle” the cards, I made a little video to include in the resource showing how to do it.

Now that I’ve figured out how to shuffle digital cards, look for more resource updates in the near future! Remember to check your TPT Purchases for updated products and download the newest version!

Want the Equivalent Fractions Capture 4 game?  Head over to my TpT store and grab it for FREE! 🙂

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