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FREE Math Game for Subitizing

Are you looking for new ways to practice subitizing with your Kindergarten or First Grade students? This little math game for subitizing can be used as a whole class activity, at your small group table, or even in a workstation!

If you’re not familiar with I Have/Who Has games, let me give you the rundown on how it is used as a whole class activity. The cards are distributed. All cards in the set must be used, so sometimes students might need to work in partners and other times some students may need to have more than one card. This particular game only has twelve cards, so students will need to partner up.

One pair of students is chosen to start the game by reading their Who has statement. This particular game is a visual game, so it would sound like this:

Pair 1: Who has (holds up the card with 3 blue dots and shows it to the class)?

Pair 2: I have 3. Who has (holds up the card with 5 hearts and shows it to the class)?

Pair 3: I have 5…

The game continues in this manner and when the last card is read/shown, it should circle back to the student who started the game. I always suggest that after a student/pair of students uses their card they place it face down on the table to make it easier to keep track of who has and hasn’t used their cards.

The game can be used at your small group table as well, giving you the opportunity to informally assess the students you are working with. Additionally, some students may still require practice for numbers to 12 long after the majority of the class moves on, so using the game with a small group is a great way to differentiate.

Finally, you can put the cards in a math workstation! Students start with any card and then put the cards in sequence.

Ready to try it? You can grab the I Have/Who Has game and ten-frame flashcards for free here.

If you’re looking for more subitizing resources, check out Subitizing Cards: Perceptual and Conceptual.

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  1. Hello! I was trying to get the free I have who has game but I couldn’t get it to show because it went to the dropbox site and I couldn’t download dropbox or get the games. Any ideas please on how to pull up this game?


    1. Sorry for the trouble, Dana! You don’t need to have a Dropbox account to download files stored on Dropbox. Look for the DOWNLOAD button in the top left corner. Click on it, and you can download the file to your computer.

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