Online Multiplication Fact Practice Game

Are you looking for an engaging way for your students to practice their multiplication facts? Well, of course you are! Check out this engaging multiplication fact practice game!

Math Lines, from ABCya, takes a different approach to multiplication facts. This super engaging game allows players to choose a target number to multiply to. For example, players can practice all the ways to multiply to 12. There are three, increasingly more difficult levels of play.

This link will take you to ABCya and Multiplication Math Lines. There’s also an addition version, which you can check out here.

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  1. What a fun way to practice known facts for speed and efficiency! But it still doesn’t help a student who doesn’t know what 2 goes with to make 12. I assume the student ends up shooting in the dark.

    1. When we teach basic facts using a strategy-based approach, students are encouraged to reason about facts they don’t know by using facts the do. For example, knowing that 6 x 6 is only one more group of 6 than 5 x 6, so it must be 36. A great resource for this approach is Math Fact Fluency (*affiliate link). A game like the one in this post would be played after students have been introduced to reasoning strategies to help them develop automaticity.

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