Hey there!

I’m Donna.

Welcome to my corner of the web. I’m the proud mother of an amazing son, a devoted dachshund lover, and an avid reader. When I’m not cheering on my Astros, you might find me walking the bayou trails here in Houston, Texas.

Want to hear a little-known fact? Teaching was my second career! I moved to Houston after college to work as an accountant in the oil business. It didn’t take long to realize business wasn’t my passion. A 6-week volunteer opportunity teaching Junior Achievement to a class of 3rd graders changed my life.

I always thought I’d be a reading teacher, but I found that while I love reading, I don’t like teaching it. My passion for teaching math took me by surprise! I spent 15 years in the classroom, starting in 3rd grade and working my way up to 5th grade.

I stepped out of the classroom to become a campus-based K-5 math instructional coach. With no experience teaching primary grades, I went to work learning everything I could about early numeracy. Seeing the vertical progression of math skills from Kindergarten to 5th grade was eye-opening. I could see the learning my 5th graders had missed in earlier grades that led to their gaps in understanding.

Probably my most rewarding job, and the one I learned the most from, was being K-5 interventionist. I loved the challenge of helping students overcome their learning gaps and become more confident, successful math students.

Never satisfied with the teaching resources I was given to use, I began creating my own resources long before starting my Teachers Pay Teachers store in 2011. Not long after opening my store, I started my little blog, Math Coach’s Corner. What a journey it has been! After meeting Laney Sammons, author of Guided Math, at an NCTM conference where we were both presenting, I not only found a life-long friend, but I became her co-author on four books about Guided Math Workshop. Another publishing opportunity came along, and I worked with Sue O’Connell on Heinemann’s Math by the Book series.

My mission is to help math teachers and students feel more positive and confident about math. Math is a fascinating, beautiful, and creative subject. It’s about choosing the path that makes sense to you and engaging in robust mathematical discussions. It’s understanding that everyone can do math!