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Implementing Guided Math

“…the bottom line for educational institutions is the academic performance of young learners.” (Sammons, p 25)

Are you ready for another book study series? Laney Sammons is out with a new book in the Guided Math series, and this time she’s written about the process of implementing Guided Math. While it focuses on implementing Guided Math, it is a phenomenal resource for planning and managing the change process in general. No matter where you are on the Guided Math implementation continuum, you will benefit from this book. Even if you are already using the Guided Math framework on your campus, this book will help you evaluate your current implementation and plan for the future. And what better time to study the implementation process than during the Spring when you are beginning to plan for next year?

NOTE: This book study has already taken place, but you can use the posts as a study guide as you read the book.

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Grab the book and begin reading! We’ll follow the reading schedule outlined below. On the four Mondays listed on the reading schedule, I’ll post my thoughts from the reading. Join in the conversation by adding your comments. I’m also going a little more high tech this time by including a slow Twitter chat. Once the book study starts, I  will post questions throughout the week using the hashtag #ImplementingGM. Participating is easy! Search on the hashtag anytime during the week to follow the conversation. Add your thoughts using the same hashtag. If you haven’t used Twitter for professional development, this is a great way to start.

Reading schedule

Get ready for a great learning experience!

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  1. Love your blog and can’t wait to share with my 3rd grade teacher who wants to start guided math. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. What grade ranges has she written this for? I find it hard as a departmental math teacher to follow books written for self-contained teachers.

    1. The Guided Math framework is appropriate for all grade levels. I used it as a blocked 5th grade teacher. The focus of this book is implementing the framework.

  3. Laney Sammon’s Guided Math resource has been a vital piece to my district’s framework. I’ve enjoyed working with teachers in building the framework within their own classrooms through coaching, informal book studies and district staff development.

  4. This is my first year doing guided math. Although I love it I’m still struggling with the organization piece. Im hoping to get some great ideas from this book study!!

  5. I used a lot of the guided math framework to design my own framework that worked for me. It was the best thing I ever did. My kids were so much more engaged and I even had them thanking me for changing the way we did math. I’ve had several teachers from other schools observe my guided math and have implemented it with great success.

  6. I love your blog and resources! I am a first year teacher with lots to learn and have found you to be a wonderful source of information that has shaped my classroom. Thank you!!

  7. I’ve been using a guided math framework for my second graders for about 3 years. I’m always ready to learn more! Looking forward to reading along with you!

  8. As an Instructional Math Coach guided math comes up in many discussions with teachers. It is always important to always stay informed so that ideas can be shared, needless to say I am excited for this book study.

  9. I like reading your blog post and I’ve purchases many of your. TPT products. I’m just venturing into guided math so I’m trying to learn all I can so that I can improve my instruction and help my students.

  10. Loved Laney Sammins Guided Math resource. I’m a district math coach and all of our schools have a copy of that book for their teachers. I recommend it to many people. I’m looking forward to reading the new one!

  11. I am a math interventionist in a K-6 building. I am encouraging the teachers in my building and district to adopt the guided math approach (or something similar.) I love that there are so many great resources on implementation! I cannot wait to start reading this to learn more about how I can support the math teachers of my district. Thanks Donna for hosting these awesome book studies!

  12. I use guided math in my Resource Classroom all the time. It’s one of the best ways I’ve found for targeting individual gaps in learning and individual IEP goals.

  13. We are starting the groundwork for guided math in our district. A couple of us from our district are attending the Guided Math training this summer, so I would love to read the book before I go. I’m so excited for this study!

  14. As a math coach, you are one of my top resources for teaching math. I have a teacher who is trying to incorporate teaching with math groups so I am interested in the Guided Math PD this summer. Will it be held anywhere besides North Carolina?

  15. I would love to win this book and be a part of the book study. I have not read a lot about guided math and want to learn about it.

  16. I have hardly any experience with guided math, so I would love to be a part of this book study to learn as much as I can!!

  17. I’m working with teachers on my campus to get guided math up and running! Looking forward to this new resource! 🙂

  18. I am trying guided math this year. I am struggling because of the time it takes. Our pacing guide is to jam packed and everyone gets all upset if we are not keeping up and guided math takes time when you have 24 students and less than 1 hour. I need some guidance. Looking forward to the book study.

  19. I am definitely going to check this book out! I’ve started a kind of guided math model inn my classroom but I’m not sure that I’m doing it ‘right’.
    I also have an unrelated question for you (I wasn’t sure how else to contact you): I’m starting to put a greater emphasis on learning/memorizing math facts to 10 with my first graders (as per CCSS), now that I know they’re solid in their understanding of how/why it works. I want to differentiate my instruction/practice activities depending on where they’re at, and this is my question: what order should I teach the facts? Is it better to teach all the +1s, then +2s, then +3s etc or should I teach sums of 1, sums of 2, sums of 3 etc? Is there any evidence to support either as being more effective? And what about subtraction facts? Where should I start with those? My class is a really mixed bunch, I’ve got some who are already very fluent in facts to 10 (and I want to push them on to facts to 20) and some who are still wobbly with facts to 5. I’d really appreciate your input on this! If you’d rather email me than post a long response here you can reach me at primaryfresh@gmail.com
    (sorry this was so long!)
    Thanks in advance for you help!

  20. Guided math is what I need to learn better. I make attempts but i do not think i am doing it as successfully as I could.

  21. Had amazing conversations with you and Laney at NCTM Atlantic City. It helped me organize my own workshop in my class. Would love to be part of the book study.

  22. I use all of the Guided Math materials and I am so happy there will be a new book! Can’t wait to join the book study. I also use lots of your materials too!

  23. Thank you Donna for doing this giveaway! I am a fellow teacher in Katy ISD, doing Guided Math in my classroom and would love this book to enhance what I’m already doing! I also wanted to thank you for your blog posts on fractions! They have really been helping me with teaching those pesky parts of a whole 🙂

    1. Morgan, glad you will be joining us!! Yes, fractions can be tough. It’s so encouraging when you see the students’ fraction sense develop.

  24. I can’t stress enough how valuable all of Laney’s books are…for teachers, coaches, and administrators. Changing procedures is easier when you understand why it’s so important to do so!

  25. So we are hoping to implement guided math in our k-5 classrooms next year. I own all of Laney’s others books so I am thrilled to jump in on this book study and share findings with my teachers. I have entered the drawing but went ahead to Amazon to order a copy anyway to get a head start on reading. The book is out of stock. UGH! I’ve ordered it anyway and Amazon said they will be in touch when it becomes available again…. I hoped there was an electronic copy but no luck there either. Here’s hoping I get a copy in time for the start of book study.

    1. Yes, news of the book study sold it out pretty quickly! Ha ha. That’s why I set the start date for the study to February 22. Hopefully, they’ll get it back in stock soon!

  26. Wanting to learn more about Guided Math groups. I’m hoping this resource is packed full of ideas to help with implementing Guided Math groups in my school.

  27. Just purchased the book on Amazon, it’s out of stock but I hope to get it soon. I am looking forward to following along and participating in the book study.

  28. I JUST ordered the book today and I will be joining in as soon as I get it and play catch up on the readings! Thank you for creating this book study!!

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