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“…the bottom line for educational institutions is the academic performance of young learners.” (Sammons, p 25)

Are you ready for another book study series? Laney Sammons is out with a new book in the Guided Math series, and this time she’s written about the process of implementing Guided Math. While it focuses on implementing Guided Math, it is a phenomenal resource for planning and managing the change process in general. No matter where you are on the Guided Math implementation continuum, you will benefit from this book. Even if you are already using the Guided Math framework on your campus, this book will help you evaluate your current implementation and plan for the future. And what better time to study the implementation process than during the Spring when you are beginning to plan for next year?

NOTE: This book study has already taken place, but you can use the posts as a study guide as you read the book.

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Grab the book and begin reading! We’ll follow the reading schedule outlined below. On the four Mondays listed on the reading schedule, I’ll post my thoughts from the reading. Join in the conversation by adding your comments. I’m also going a little more high tech this time by including a slow Twitter chat. Once the book study starts, I  will post questions throughout the week using the hashtag #ImplementingGM. Participating is easy! Search on the hashtag anytime during the week to follow the conversation. Add your thoughts using the same hashtag. If you haven’t used Twitter for professional development, this is a great way to start.

Reading schedule

Get ready for a great learning experience!

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