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Composing and Decomposing with Decimals

Arcademics Skill Builders is a fabulous FREE website with online arcade-style games for practicing a variety of skills for many different subject areas. Part/whole thinking is such a big deal, so I was thrilled to find a game for composing and decomposing with decimals. The fact that Hungry Puppies (link at the bottom of the post) is a multiplayer game (as many of Arcademics’ games are) adds a nice bit of competition. The goal is to click on bones that, when added together, equal the target sum. So, in the game pictured below, you could click on 3.1 and 0.8, because their sum is 3.9.

It is addicting!! Enjoy.

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  1. Like a lot of games and apps out there, we are putting students in a timed situation where they are stressed and not able to really think and reason. Research states clearly that math is not about being fast.

    1. I am in 100% agreement with you that math is not about being fast. Reasoning, critical thinking, and justifying are are cornerstones of math, but automaticity with facts is essential. We build an understanding of facts using a strategy based instruction, but practicing does build automaticity. The more fluent students are with basic facts, the more mental energy they can use for higher order tasks. It’s kind of like memorizing sight words so reading is not such a challenge.

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