I’m always looking for good number of the day routines, and I found one on my own campus!  One of my sweet 3rd grade teachers gave me the idea for this one.  It covers a variety of number skills, and she plans on using the day in school as the number of the day.  In the Subtract from square, she had 177, the number of days we have in our school year.  I left it blank to give you options.  We discussed a couple of ways this could be used.  My favorite includes doing most of the problems whole group four days out of the week.  I just love the mathematical conversations it would generate.  On those four days, have the kiddos put the answers to a couple of the problems you don’t do on sticky notes and put them on the Parking Lot.  Vary the problems you choose each day, and this gives you a quick formative assessment option.  On the fifth day, you could have the kiddos do the sheet independently for a grade.  Change the problems up every so often to provide a spiraling review and keep the activity fresh.  Click here to grab yours!

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