Tens Ladders: Skip Counting by Tens off the Decade

My sweet and sassy 1st-grade team wanted an independent practice activity for skip counting by 10s off the decade. They wanted it to look like the hundred chart, so the kiddos could make the connection to the patterns in the hundred chart. They also wanted it to be differentiated, so they could meet the kiddos at their level. I came up with the ladder activity shown below. Notice that the three versions use the same numbers, but they are increasingly difficult because of the number hint that is shown. I also added a completely blank one you can customize.

You might also like Boo-tiful Skip Counting, another activity for skip counting by 10s off the decade.

skip-counting by tens off the decade
Click here to grab your skip-counting off the decade freebie.

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  1. SOO agree Lisa! I wish you were in my building Donna!! Both this and the Boo-tiful counting by 10’s are AWESOME!!!! It really makes them use the hundreds chart to skip count!! LOVE it!
    Amy Burton

  2. I recently took over the math lessons for the first grade team at my school and was struggling (reading is my strength). Your blog has helped me create some awesome common core lesson plans and best of all the studnets love them.

  3. my kids did the tens ladders today in a center…i didn’t have time to go to copy machine, so i just jotted them down on a piece of paper, and had the kids copy my ladders and fill them in on another sheet of their own…they absolutely loved doing it!! and then on the back, they created their own ladders for each other to complete. i could overhear them saying, “man this is fun!”
    thanks for the idea!!

  4. HI! I saw your Boo-tiful Skip Counting by 10’s sheet but when I clicked for the freebie, it says it’s in your trash on the google drive. Can you help me with this? I’d LOVE to use this resource ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank You!

  5. Thank you so much for these! Great practice for my kiddo who is learning that counting by 10’s isn’t just 10,20, etc – but 13,23, and beyond. It’s helping it click for her!

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