You can’t get much more of a real-life connection to problem solving than this.  The picture of the Halloween treat bags on the far right was taken on my dining room table!  Every year I buy some chocolate bars and some non-chocolate candy (usually the Child’s Play mix), and I try to give each little ghost and ghoul a piece of chocolate and a couple pieces of the other candy.  This year, I thought it would be infinitely easier to just drop a little treat bag into each out-stretched pumpkin container!

Here’s the problem solving situation I came up with:

Laura’s mom bought one bag with 40 mini candy bars and another bag with 72 pieces of assorted candy.  How many treat bags with 1 mini candy bar and 2 pieces of assorted candy can she make?  What candy will be left over?

Looking at the problem I created, can you think of ways to adjust it to make it more or less challenging?  Probably lots of ways!  Feel free to share your version in a comment.

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