Representing Multiples

Written by Donna Boucher

Donna has been a teacher, math instructional coach, interventionist, and curriculum coordinator. A frequent speaker at state and national conferences, she shares her love for math with a worldwide audience through her website, Math Coach’s Corner. Donna is also the co-author of Guided Math Workshop.

Looking for a work product that will allow your kiddos to show their creativity, but also show that they understand multiples? Check out this Multiples Madness poster for representing multiples. The first page of the document is an example you can show to the kids. Basically, they choose a number to show the multiples of. In each box, they choose a way to represent the multiples. It could be an array, sets, etc. NOTE: this poster prints on 11 x 17 paper.  Multiples Madness 2

Click here to grab your copy!  Enjoy!  If you’re looking for more multiples fun, check out Multiples Mambo, a fast-paced game perfect for your workstations!


  1. Anonymous

    THANK YOU for sharing your GREAT ideas!!!!

    Kim – Boise, Idaho

    • Donna Boucher

      You’re so welcome, Kim! Happy holidays. 🙂

  2. Cindy in Wisconsin

    Thanks, Donna! I think this is going to really help my students get a grasp on multiples. Still a student teacher, but I appreciate every resource I can add to my teaching “hope chest” as I look forward to a class of my own.

    • Donna Boucher

      You are going to be very well prepared when you finally enter the classroom!! Good luck as you finish up, Cindy. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Your ideas are amazing, thanks so much:)

    • Donna Boucher

      I love sharing! Glad you find it helpful. 🙂


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