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It’s clear that numeracy is all the rage. Teachers complain that students don’t have number sense, and we’re told that the goal of the Common Core State Standards is to develop deep conceptual understanding.

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Well, in my quest for interesting reading material to go with my salad at lunch today, I pulled a book off my bookshelf that promises to be a wonderful combination of equal parts research and practical application.  The book is Teaching Numeracy: 9 Critical Habits to Ignite Mathematical Thinking, by Margie Pearse and K.M. Walton.

I like the layout of the book (you can “look inside” it on Amazon). Part I consists of nine chapters–one for each of the nine habits. Each chapter includes the research and background information about the habit, followed by a How Can I Do This in My Math Class…Tomorrow? section with very practical applications.

While Part I focuses on the what (although I’d argue there’s a lot of how thrown in!), Part II presents the how. It lays out the essential components of a numeracy-based lesson and provides a road map for effective planning.

Finally, Appendix A contains three different lesson plans incorporating the ideas from the book so you can see how it all fits together.

So…..I think it’s time for another book study series!  Grab a copy of the book and join me starting next Monday, June 30, as we explore this terrific resource.  For next Monday, we’ll discuss the Preface and Introduction.  Be looking for your favorite quotes to share!

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