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Number Recognition to 6: Roll and Graph Freebie

As teachers move toward a Guided Math structure for teaching math, they quickly understand how important it is to establish routines and build a climate of learning in the early days of the school year. You don’t just start doing Guided Math on Day 1 or 2, especially with our youngest learners. They need time to learn and practice the expectations and procedures before they can successfully work independently, allowing the teacher to teach in small groups.

This little activity is an example that Kindergarten might use to introduce workstations. It combines number recognition and graphing. There are three versions—numerals, pictorial representation, and word form. Notice that it requires very few materials and the directions are quite simple. While they’re still practicing a math skill—number recognition—they are really practicing how to be productive when working on a math workstation.

number recognition to 6

Grab your freebie here.  Share your tips for launching Guided Math in the comments!

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  1. I like the idea of getting math workshop off to a good start! With new math curriculum I look forward to seeing ideas for that!

    1. A good start is SO important! If you don’t establish routines at the very beginning, you’ll be back-pedaling all year!

  2. Thanks so much for all your valuable free gifts!! I will love using this at the beginning of the year. Question – do you have a version of this that has more pictures instead of words for the directions? Maybe a picture of a die for #1 and a crayon for #2 or something like that? Thanks again!!

    1. Hey, Nancy! I realize the kiddos won’t be able to read the directions–I think they’re actually more for the teacher than anyone else. One thing my Kinder and 1st grade teachers have found helpful is to actually take pictures of the kiddos doing each step and including the picture directions in the box.

  3. What a lucky coincidence…I was surfing the net for rolling/spinning graphing ideas for the launching unit and this popped up on my Facebook page! I am so happy our district is giving us this time to get our math workshops started. Thanks for another great activity!
    Still Teaching After All These Years

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