Roll and Graph Freebie - Math Coach's Corner

Whew!  I don’t know about you guys, but it’s been a hectic few months for me.  School has been out for a week now, I just finished my last grad school assignment for this term, and tomorrow I head to Destin, FL, to visit friends and family.  Wait, let me give you a visual…

Aaaaaahhhhh, I relax a bit just THINKING about it!

Anyway, another project I’m working on this summer is a launching unit for my teachers to use to get math workshop off the ground in the fall.  Our district has set aside 10 days in the scope and sequence to reflect the fact that you don’t just walk in the door and start teaching content on Day 1. It takes time to establish routines and build a climate of learning in your classroom. This little activity I’m sharing tonight is for Kindergarten to use as they introduce workstations. It combines number recognition and graphing. There are three versions–numerals, pictorial representation, and word form.

Grab your freebie here.  Share you tips for launching math workshop in the comments!

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