Anchor Charts to Support Math Workshop

Written by Donna Boucher

Donna has been a teacher, math instructional coach, interventionist, and curriculum coordinator. A frequent speaker at state and national conferences, she shares her love for math with a worldwide audience through her website, Math Coach’s Corner. Donna is also the co-author of Guided Math Workshop.

We’re a month into the new school year, and I took a spin around the building yesterday afternoon to snap some pictures of anchor charts that teachers have created to support math workshop.  Please note that these anchor charts were created with students during mini-lessons.  They were not created in isolation by teachers and then presented to the students.  Thanks to all these #MREmathematicians who let me invade their spaces:  @MissLopez2nd,  @teachtran,  @kteach82,  @dismukesclass,  @JulieKaeM, and mrvillatoro207!

The success of your math workshop depends on establishing expectations, routines, and procedures.  Students must be taught the procedures and practice them, but that’s only the first step.  You must be consistent in enforcing your routines and procedures.  If you say that materials should be cleaned up and stored appropriately, then you must hold students accountable for that.  I think that’s probably where math workshop derails most often.  You can’t think that just because you taught your students the procedures during the first two weeks of school that they will remember them throughout the year!!  Positive reinforcement and frequent reminders are powerful!

“I’m about to give the signal to clean up your workstation.  Please remember what that looks like, mathematicians!”

“I love the way mathematicians Maria and Emalee are using a quiet voice to discuss their math work!”

“Mathematicians, remember to record your thinking in your math journal while you work today.  I can’t wait to read your thinking!”

Enjoy this gallery of fabulous anchor charts. 🙂

Are you looking for resources for your math workshop?  Check out my Workstation Task Cards for Numbers to 120!


  1. TheElementary MathManiac

    Quite a collection of anchor charts! I like your point about making sure kids are accountable and following through in order to make math workshop a success!

    The Math Maniac

    • Donna Boucher

      Absolutely essential, Tara! If math workshop is chaotic, real learning can’t occur.

  2. Alison Eber

    These are some great charts – thanks for the ideas! I could immediately tell that these were student generated by the first one with “I’m severely ill.” 🙂 My fourth graders would definitely want that contingency accounted for as well!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Eberopolis: Teaching Reading & Writing with Technology

    • Donna Boucher

      Wasn’t that one great, Alison? 🙂

  3. Christine Palmer

    I am trying to implement math workshop in my building, but most teachers feel that they do not have enough time. How much time do your teachers have for math each day?

    Thanks for any insight,

  4. Joanne

    Love these anchor charts! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Erin

    I see this is several years ago, do you have any for reading?

    • Donna Boucher

      No, sorry. I’m math all the way!



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