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Online Addition Fact Practice

Fact fluency is an absolutely essential component for young, developing mathematicians. Thankfully, however, math educators are following research and moving away from rote memorization and timed tests. A strategy-based approach to teaching math facts is far more effective and meaningful to students. But we do want students to become fluent with their basic facts, and that’s where practice comes in. When students are out of school for extended periods, such as the winter break or summer, progress that was made during the year can backslide. You can help by arming your students and parents with engaging resources for online addition fact practice.

I created a flyer to send home to parents highlighting some of my favorite addition fact practice sites. The PDF file has links to each of the sites, so if you send it electronically, parents can access the sites by clicking on the links.

Click here to grab your flyer, and check out this post for a multiplication game flyer.


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