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Place Value Choice Board and ‘I Can’ Cards

Working with large numbers really needn’t be difficult for students. It’s all about patterns! You can read more about that here. Once students understand the structure of our number system, it just takes practice reading, writing, and comparing increasingly larger numbers. Today I have a freebie that can be used in a variety of ways and is easily differentiated. The resource consists of place value charts, 3-digit number cards, a Think-Tac-Toe place value choice board, and a set of I Can cards for workstations. The structure of the PV mat and number cards emphasize the concept that the largest number you ever have to read is a 3-digit number.

Here are some suggestions for using the materials:

  • Students can put all or some of the 3-digit cards in order.
  • Students can use the place value mats and cards to build 6-, 9-, and 12-digit numbers and read them aloud.
  • A pair of students can use two mats, build numbers, and compare them.
  • Use the “I Can” cards in a workstation. Three versions of each card are included—for 6-, 9-, and 12-digit numbers—so it’s easy to differentiate!
    place value choice board
  • Some of the same activities from the I Can cards are included in a tiered place value choice board. One way to use the board is to have each student do either a row or a diagonal. Notice that using rows and diagonals, the activities are differentiated. The middle row is best for students who are still developing their learning.
    place value choice board

Ready to go? Grab your FREEBIE here!

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  1. I just returned to teaching fourth grade after being in second. I can’t wait to do these activities with my kids! Thanks so much! Great freebie!

  2. Thanks for the freebie. I am doing place value next week. Just started following your blog. Check my blog out if your 5th grade teachers need some online game links for math standards. Thanks~!

  3. This is such a great activity! I teach 3rd grade, and I notice every year that my students do not have a strong number sense…. they know what 5×5 is, but they don’t know WHY! So frustrating! I’m definitely using this activity throughout the year to keep place value on the front burner!

    1. Hey Krista! Thanks for leaving some love. I just popped over to your place, and I love your blog. Really like the post about interactive math journals!

  4. I just wanted to share with you that I used this game in class today to review place value with my 8th Grade Resource Math class as a workstation and will use it again tomorrow with my 7th Grade Resource Math class. I’ve posted pictures on my blog as well as linked back to this post.

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