This is a short follow-up post to last night’s post on teaching the patterns on the hundred chart. Today, I gave my 2nd graders a little assessment on the hundred chart patterns, and I thought I’d share it.

I gave the students a copy of the blank hundred chart you see pictured and gave the following directions:

  1. Fill in the first row of the hundred chart (1 through 10). This was to give them a baseline to use for the other patterns in the chart.
  2. Find the square for the number 21.  Fill in that whole row (21 through 30).  I was looking for two things: (1) can they find the number 21 and (2) do they know that moving across a row is counting by 1s.
  3. Put your finger on the number 9.  Fill in that whole column. Do they know that moving down a column is skip counting by 10s and can they skip count by 10s off the decade (9, 19, 29. etc.)?
  4. Fill in the squares with the bold outlines on the front of the paper. Can students use the numbers they have already placed to find the missing numbers?
  5. Turn your paper over onto the back.  I have pulled two sections out of a hundred chart.  Use the number that is given to fill in the other numbers.  This is the most difficult skill, because students do not have the support of seeing the rest of the hundred chart.

You can grab this little assessment by clicking here.

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