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Multiple Multiplication Representations Games

Circles and Stars is a classic multiplication game. You roll a dice and draw that many circles. You roll the dice again, and you draw that many stars in each circle. Games like this emphasize the idea that it’s necessary for students to have concrete and pictorial experiences with multiplication to be able to visualize how multiplication differs from addition. It’s also important that students see multiplication represented in different ways. Introduce different representations for multiplication at your small group table using these activities based on Circles and Stars. Just use one sheet at a time—equal groups (objects), equal groups (tally marks), arrays, and jumps on a number line. After using the activities in small group, they can be moved to a math workstation to provide additional practice.

multiplication representations

Click here to download your free activity for multiple multiplication representations!

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  1. Thanks so much again! I had pinned this page during the summer and am using your pages today. We are doing Multiplication Mondays. Hope it will help the meaning of multiplication sink in. I am sure these ideas will help so much!

    1. My pleasure! And you’re absolutely right about your kiddos. Plus they’ll have fun with the activities. 🙂

  2. Thank you for your ideas – both shared and purchasable. As a middle school math teacher new to 2nd grade – I really appreciate your approach!!

    1. Wow, Linda, what a transition for you! When you’ve taught in older grades (I taught 5th for many years), I think you really appreciate activities that build a strong foundation.

  3. Donna,

    Thanks so much for these great activities to show different ways to help multiply. I’m starting to tutor a 4th grade tomorrow (every Tuesday and Thursday) for an hour and his mom wants me to focus on basic multiplication. I will be bringing this with me tomorrow. I think it’s a good way to start it and I think he will enjoy it!


  4. Thank you for posting on Facebook! I’m going to be working with my resource and intervention students on multiplication this year, so this is perfect! They will be able to see various representations of the facts, and understand what the facts are actually meaning. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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