Counting to the 100th Day

It’s the beginning of the new school year, so what better time to think about the time-honored tradition of counting to the 100th Day of School? Many teachers have routines for counting the days to the 100th day, but I want to propose using ten-frames. You can address a number of Kinder and 1st grade standards (both CCSS and TEKS) with this simple daily routine!

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Just print out blank ten-frames, grab yourself some colored Avery sticky dots, and you’re ready to go. Be sure to use either one color of dots, or vary the color in groups of 5 to help students subitize groups of 5 and 10 on the ten-frames.

Questions for Whole-Group Lessons

There are so many directions you can take your questioning. To help you better visualize how the conversations might go, I’ve used the number 47 in this example:

  • How many days have we been in school? (47) How do you know it’s 47? (The 4 tens are 40, then I saw 5 and 2 more, so that’s 47) (TEKS K.2.D, TEKS 1.2.A)
  • Describe 47 using tens and ones. (4 tens and 7 ones) Can anyone describe it a different way? (3 tens and 17 ones, 2 tens and 27 ones, 1 ten and 37 ones, or 47 ones) (TEKS 1.2.B)
  • How many more days until we reach 50 days (3). How do you know? How many more until the 100th day? (53) How do you know? (CCSS K.CC.1, TEKS K.4)
  • What’s one more than 47? (48) What’s one less than 47? (46) (TEKS K.2.F, CCSS K.CC.4.c)
  • How would we write 47 in expanded form? (47 = 40 + 7) (1.2.C)
  • Let’s start at 17 and count around the circle until we get to 47 (CCSS K.CC.2, CCSS 1.NBT.1, TEKS K.4)

Can you think of more? Add them in the comments.

If you’d like a more colorful version of this activity, grab my Counting the Days Using Ten Frames product. It includes both print and digital versions.

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  1. What’s 10 more? 10 less? How do you know?

    How many more days till the 100th day? How do you know?

    Connections to coins.. How could you compose 47 cents with only dimes and pennies? Can you think of another way? What if I only have 2 dimes? How many pennies would I need? AND… How could 47 cents be shown in only nickels and pennies? (Challenges them to use the idea of 2 fives in a ten so doubling the number of tens will help you initially… 47 has 4 tens so there are 8 fives… Plus another 5 in the 7 so 9 nickels and 2 pennies! I’m happy too with 8 nickels and 7 pennies.).

  2. Just discovered your blog, LOVE IT! Please keep adding your number sense ideas and sharing freebies and on TPT. These questions go great with the activity you mentioned on the Daily Warm-up in 1st Grade post. I’m teaching a K-2 in rural Oregon so these whole group activities are appropriate for all my students. Thanks!

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