Kahoot!: Gamify the Learning

Kudos to my campus leadership team for coming up with a clever way to review the staff handbook this week during inservice. Now, admittedly, reviewing the handbook is not usually a high point of the week, but it is a necessity. You want all the staff on the same page about campus expectations as the year begins. So our admin chose to gamify the review process using Kahoot!, a web-based digital response tool. Presenting the handbook in this way served double duty–it introduced us to the school-wide expectations, but it also let us experience a very engaging tool that I am now anxious to use with my students.

Kahoot! is a free website that lets you create multiple-choice games to either review, assess, or even introduce concepts. Players respond using any digital device. A summary of the results for each question is shown on the screen, and the “leader board” is updated after each round. I can tell you, it gets the competitive juices flowing! Think of all the ways you could use this tool in the classroom with students!

Once you check out Kahoot!, you’ll definitely want to add it to your bag of technology tricks.

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  1. I love Kahoot! I was being observed by the principal, and I actually used this tool as a informal assessment towards the end of the lesson as a check for understanding. When I let the students know we are going to use Kahoot, they make sure to even pay extra attention. The fact that it’s so auditory with its catchy tunes, and visually appealing with bright colors stimulates their mind and definitely engages the class. A tip I learned based on the principal asking how can I assess individually who didn’t get the concept, since it doesn’t tell you precisely who got it incorrect, was I would stand at a certain angle of the classroom and the screens of the computer turn red it the answer is wrong, and green if correct, so I am able to jot down quickly who I need to sit aside for a quick turbo group during small instruction to reteach the concept. My principal has even integrated it into his review of items during staff meetings and gives out TPT gift cards for the grade level with the most points. Very interactive, another fun activity was Plickers that I have viewed, but not integrated quite yet, which is where each student get’s a barcode and you use your phone’s scanner to record everyone’s input on the questions asked.

  2. I have Kahoot! It is so engaging. We work with the Letter Y making four sounds. After reviewing the wall cards and finding words that fit Y as in yellow, long I as in my, long e as in baby, and short I as in gym my students created a booklet. To check for understanding I used Kahoot, My students were very excited. From this I was able to plan for my small groups on who needed a little more help.
    I have my cards for Plickers. I have not tried it .

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