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Brain-Boosting Equations

Are you looking for a way to provide your students with engaging computation practice? Today I have a super fun, brain-boosting, elementary math equations game!

Brain-Boosting Equations is an activity for 1 to 4 students. It can be played as a competitive game or a collaborative task. The overall goal of the activity is to choose three cards and create equations, using any of the four operations, equaling the numbers 0 through 10. The deck of cards also includes a Wild Card that can be used for any value.

elementary equations game

To play as a competitive game, the three cards are chosen and all the players work individually to write equations that equal 0 through 10 using the numbers on the cards. The player that creates all eleven equations first is the winner. If time is short, then the player with the most equations when time expires is the winner.ย To use as a collaborative task, the students work together to create the equations.

Think of all the math your kiddos are doing as they try to come up with equations! Wouldnโ€™t this also make a great homework assignment?

Grab your free copy of Brain-Boosting Equations: An Elementary Equations Game using this link.

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