I absolutely love workstation activities that are easy to prep, easy for the kiddos to understand and do, are easily differentiated, and grow with the students as their skills develop.  I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ve got for you tonight!  This activity grew out of a planning meeting with my 1st grade team.  They wanted a workstation activity the students could use to practice a variety of number sense skills.  Throughout the year, their kids learn to work with bigger and bigger numbers until they are working with numbers up to 120.

Here’s the little recording sheet I made for them.  It prints two to a page, so it’s a great size for kiddos to glue in their math journal.  Throw the recording sheets in a workstation with a set of number cards to 120, and you’re ready to go!  It’s so easy to differentiate, because you control what numbers the kiddos work with.

Number Sense Workout 1
Since we ALL want to get in shape for the new year, I thought the workout theme was appropriate!  Grab your freebie here.

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